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The third operating division is AD SERVESM (formerly Stream Syndicate) a digital advertising delivery platform that serves rich media and marketing communications to targeted destinations in a compatible, measurable and cost-effective manner. While ad serving is a highly competitive and crowded market, the value of effectively competing is obvious – look no further than the recent acquisition of AdMob by Google.


During 2009, the stand alone advertising platform AD SERVESM (formerly the Stream Syndicate) was enhanced through further adoption within our client accounts, Gannett, Village Voice, West Virginia Media, South Dakota News Network, and ABC Disney’s Toledo affiliate. It was also utilized by KFC in a national targeted advertising campaign for our customer Lion New Media. Modavox has made strategic updates to the underlying targeting technologies that only scratch the surface of advertising network traffic levels. Having proven the targeting, reporting, and core technology blueprints, Stream Syndicate is poised for growth by offering the following competitive advantages:


AD SERVESM is fully integrated within the BoomBox® Radio platform, and over the years has supported and promoted several Internet Talk Radio shows and enabled cross-pollination with Interactive pay-per-view projects in a targeted fashion. The expansion of this strategic model will prove even more valuable as Modavox ties together a comprehensive offering for AD SERVESM, AD BOOM, and AD LIFESM to create a one-of-a-kind suite of Marketing Driven Technologies. AD SERVESM is now expanded to complement the AD LIFESM and AD BOOM platforms for a complete suite of marketing driven technology products and services, and of course AD SERVESM represents an opportunity to directly apply some of the most valuable claims of our IP.