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operational divisions:

Modavox Advantage


The Modavox patent portfolio is foundational (October 1999 priority date) to key targeted Internet functions, such as advertising, broadcasting and content delivery. The patents cover breakthrough technology invented early in the mass consumer Internet age, placing its invention ahead of the inception of major players in this space. The patents teach of a code module system, designed to automatically assemble content delivery on backend server systems allowing Website publishers using the Modavox method to target content to end-users’ preferences, networks, devices, and installed Internet capabilities from any Website destination. The Patents remain open for additional divisional and continuation-in-part filings.


Modavox patent claims include indispensable distribution and delivery aspects of Behavioral Targeting advertisements and content delivery over the Internet and related networks and processor platforms. Behavioral Targeting, as performed today, is simply not possible without employing Modavox IP.

  • Nov. 17, 2009 - Modavox Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Yahoo! Inc.
  • Oct. 30, 2009 - Internet broadcasting pioneer and holder of several patented technologies, it filed a Motion for Sanctions for Spoliation of Evidence and Evasive Disclosure Practices in the U.S. District Court of New York, pertaining to the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Modavox against Tacoda(AOL)
  • Oct. 21, 2009 - Modavox Files Request for Allowance on Two Patents Pending and Provides Update on Patent Enforcement Strategy



  • Content Publishers get targeted audiences, expanding the time spent on a given Publisher’s site.
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) gain system efficiencies by delivering specific content/ads,
  • reducing the bandwidth requirements when providing data to end users using a shotgun approach.
  • Advertisers receive higher conversion rates because of the targeted nature of their ads.
  • E-Commerce Providers are able to deliver targeted product promotions, increasing their conversion metrics.
  • Internet Broadcasters are able to deliver targeted programming, which should increase the average viewing/listening time by end-users.


Furthermore, the application of Modavox IP in mobile market enables these and other beneficiaries gain even greater value by expanding their reach to meet the rapidly growing demands of the Mobile Consumer.


ImageThe Modavox patents are effectively the gatekeeper for the delivery of Behavioral Targeted advertising and content distribution to any Internet-enabled device. Given the broad range of the patents and their foundational status to achieve Behavioral Targeting and possibly other key areas related to mobile applications and services, we believe the ‘Qualcom licensing model’ represents the optimal IP strategy. A sound IP Licensing model, in conjunction with aggressive internal development and commercialization of marketing driven technologies, represents a sound strategy for maximizing shareholder value. Thus far, Modavox has yet to pursue enforcement actions against the wide range of companies infringing on our property rights. We believe an active enforcement program targeting small and medium sized entities as well as the large players will result in accelerating the monetization of our IP assets, and further validate the value of our Patents.


The three high growth divisions together with patents critical to Behavioral Targeting will enable Modavox to pioneer a new era in marketing and new media communications with Internet applications and services for targeted consumers and communities worldwide.