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Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting is a technique that utilizes software and hardware methods to serve advertisements to specific Internet viewers, segmenting the target audience based upon observed content and measured data. This is a data driven process and the quantity of data is important in obtaining accurate information about the viewer so that appropriate advertising can be delivered in real time.


Behavioral Targeting holds significant underlying value through many key benefits, including:

  • Behavioral Targeted Marketing ProcessAdvertising campaigns are more likely to favorably influence targetedaudiences than the general public.
  • Publishers generate additional revenue from previously unsold advertising inventory.
  • The process of targeting provides companies with invaluable end-user and consumer data.
  • Online video advertising will be firmly established by 2012, creating a new supply of interactive targeted content.


Behavioral Targeting has the potential to become the most valuable and most often utilized form of advertising to all Internetenabled devices. According to eMarketer, the Behavioral Targeting market in the US was approximately $775 million in 2008. It is projected to exceed $4 billion by 2012, at which time it will still only represent approximately 9% of the total online advertising market, leaving plenty of room for growth in the next decade.