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The Interactive Media division utilizes its software technology to configure the Modavox Platform that distributes online audio video streaming products, which support interactive online advertising and provides online interactive audio video communication.

This division's products include Enterprise Communication that are designed to allow companies to communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers, and other constituents, E- learning products that allow companies and other entities to provide training to employees and other constituents online and Advertising which consists of design and delivery of audio and video streaming ads and ad sales services.

Utilizing patented Internet technology, Modavox enables its customers to deliver the highest quality communications initiatives that have Geographic, database driven, pay-per-access, security, and other advanced features that creates cost avoidance, efficiency, and revenue generation capabilities.

The Interactive Division is broken up into three sub-divisions. To learn more about each of these, please follow the links provided below

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Richard Keppler
Internet Radio & Ad Director

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Paul Lyons
Sales Manager

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